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Gas tackers for wood, steel and concrete

Dynamik gas tackers from Contimeta
The BeA gas tacker is still an underestimated device on the market, supplied exclusively by Contimeta Fastening technique in the Netherlands.
There are two of these gas tackers (cordless and without compressor), e.g.:

The Dynamic nail tacker D90, special for wood applications. This device is maneuverable, quick to use and processes 2300 nails (50 - 90 mm) per 80 grams gas pattern. Or the moment, the Dynamik D90 uses D-head nails. During the course of 2009 a model for R20 round headed nails shall be added to the range.
Both because of the innovative design and the use of clean and oil greased gas, this tacker needs very little maintenance. The tacker is used especially in roof construction branche, in on site building and in pallet repairs.

Another aqcuisition for the building is the new Dynamik CN-60 concrete tacker developed by BeA. This gastacker works on gas paterns, providing an average 1000 attachments per pattern. The Dynamik Concrete tacker is used especially when attaching metal profiles (socalled metal stud) on concrete and gas concrete background. The Dynamik gas tacker fires hard steel nails of 15 - 60 mm in concrete and in steel!. Also for cabling and wiring, mounting of construction steel mats, electric installations and modular building applications. Especially for finishing companies and ceiling companies, this is an invaluable piece of equipment. Installation companies can also benefit from cordless work. An air hose and compressor is not necessary with this Dynamik concrete tacker.
Available with various nozzles for example for attaching fixing clips.

Gastacker Dynamik D90

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For wood applications.
Dhead nails, head ° 2,9 - 3,4 mm.
Length of 50 - 90 mm.
Very low on maintenance, 30% less components.
Nails are simple to load.
Works on 40 grams jumbo gas patterns (CFC Free) for attaching more than 2300 nails.

Gastacker Dynamik CN60-688S

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The Dynamic concrete tacker fires hard steel nails in concrete and in steel.

° 2,6 mm with a length of 15 - 60 mm

Especially to attach metal studs on concrete walls and floors, the Dynamic is an ideal and invaluable device. Other applications are attaching floor heating pipes on a concrete foundation, mounting of construction steel mats and attaching cable clips to wall and ceilings for cabling and wiring.