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Tec 3200 Glue gun

Tec 3200 Glue gun Tec 3200 Glue gun Tec 3200 Glue gun Tec 3200 Glue gun Tec 3200 Glue gun

A high output glue gun is electronic technology at its best

The high efficiency heater housing, coupled with a solid state adjustable temperature controller, guarantees adhesive at the right temperature just when you need it. The Tec 3200 is supplied complete with an integral gun stand, suspension ring, full operating instructions and one year guarantee.

The ideal tool for product assembly, packaging, sealing, electrical potting and encapsulating. Instant bonding of virtually any material ensures fast, efficient, cost effective production.

The Tec 3200 loaded with two TECBOND 43 mm cartridges can never run out of adhesive, as a cartridge always remains in the glue gun at the right temperature.


  • Sturdy hand-held device for 43 mm sticks.
  • Exchangeable thermostat to regulate melting temperature.
  • Automatic standby function.
  • Automatic standby
  • Capacity: 3.5 kg/hour
  • Type glue: Polyshot

1 Increased ventilation and safety nozzle.
2 External thumb wheel for easy adjustment of the plunger release.
3 Indicator lights for power-on and stand-by.
4 Optional plug-in temperature modules.