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Tec 7100 Glue gun

Tec 7100 Glue gun Tec 7100 Glue gun Tec 7100 Glue gun Tec 7100 Glue gun Tec 7100 Glue gun Tec 7100 Glue gun

TEC 7100, multi load powerful glue gun with pneumatic speed loader

The Power Adhesives TEC 7100 pneumatic glue gun with multi-load cartridge allowing for maximum performance and minimal down time due to reloading.

For industrial use, high volume glue gun that can dispense upwards of 12 pounds/hour.

The TEC 7100 air assist on the gun allows for continuous, fluid dispensing of hot melt with minimal effort by the user. Perfect for high volume applications where extended use is required. The multi-cartridge feeder holds 2 additional glue slugs, which helps reduce loading down time. The TEC 7100 goes through about 80 1 3/4" glue slugs per hour.


  • Adjustable Temperature: 265°F - 385°F (130°C, 165°C, 175°C, 195°C)
  • Watts Volts: 1000 Watts, 220 Volts
  • Heater: Cartridge
  • Glue Stick Diameter: 1/2" or 5/8"
  • Glue Gun Weight: 5 Pounds
    Recommended Air Compressor Setting: 120 psi
  • Power Cord: 10 ft.

3 Well ventilated, enclosed heater housing design with dual 500 watt heaters for consistent dispensing of molten adhesive.
4 Unique, built-in speed loader design holds an extra two 43mm adhesive
cartridges in reserve, enabling constant adhesive bonding.
5 Loading takes just seconds; just retract the piston loader, and a 43mm adhesive cartridge drops into place
6 Comfortable, smooth action trigger and integral stand, which can be screwed down on to work surface for extra security.