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BigDrive systems

The BigDrive screw system was developed recently and has a huge advantage compared to existing systems. Contrary to other systems, it can process screws with heads bigger than 7 mm. This device can process screws to 16 mm.

Also 6-sided screws for insulation applications and for example corrugated iron sheets can be processed using this screw machine. The socalled "soft touch foot" ensures that the surface of the material to be screwed does not get damaged at all. Extension pieces are optional for all models, with vertical assembly, for a better reach like screwing in ceiling or floors (e.g. terrace construction).Branche applications for:

  • terrace construction and scaffold construction
  • insulation systems and corrugated iron sheets
  • heavy constructions
  • packaging industry
  • trespass systems

Characteristic for all devices:

  • extremely exact depth-adjustment
  • for almost any head shapes incl.: pozidrive , torx, philips, 6-sided (to 8 mm).
  • special "terrace construction head" optional
  • the "soft touch foot" protecting the surface to be screwed
  • "upwards" screwing is no problem at all
  • screw can be centred extremely accurately