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Barcode labels

The barcode tacker was developed especially for the (garden) timber industry. A plastic label, not sensitive to any impregnating products, weather and wind resistant. Dimensions 19 x 37 mm to record the most important data such as the barcode and the description for storage and sales purposes. The tacker fires a staple fully automatically in the centre of the label. Attaching labels extremely fast and neatly is thus possible.The labels are supplied on rolls of 6000 pieces. After printing with thermal transfer printers, rolls with a max. 600 labels can be placed in the tacker. Extra cores are supplied per roll to be able to create the smaller rolls. Labels can also be pre-printed in colour, provided with logos (e.g. KOMO label) or possibly even be provided with the printing.

Barcode label Tacker BeA 80/16

Barcode label tacker specially developed by Contimeta for this application.

Type staple 80(380)
Width 10 - length 10 - wire thickness 0,91x0,7 mm.

For the manufacture of labelling with barcode labels (37x20 mm) of planks, garden screens, railing, poles, beams, etc. for supply to garden centers, shops or wholesalers.