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Coilnails for prefab and timber industry and building

KT 32-310 Sheetnailer


For coilnagel BTC of 19 - 38 mm.

Asphalt coilnailer BeA DC 554


Lightweight and powerful asphalt nailing equipment for roofing. Uses nails varying in length from 19 to 45 mm, in multiple finishes. The device is equipped with an accurately adjustable depth adjustment and prevent absolute recoil. The locking button sets the device in the lock-position. The cold isolating handle ensures a comfortable grip.

Type asphalt nail DPN:
Width of head 10,5 - length 19-45 - Ï 3,1 mm.

Attaching bituminous roofing, shingles, insulation, hardboard and cardboard, wooden crates.

Coilnailer BeA 566 DC

Coilnailer BeA 566 DC

For coilnagels
° 2,1 - 2,5
BDC = 42 - 65 mm
TC = 32 - 65 mm

Coilnailer Sheet BeA SN 40-351


This tacker is ideal for coloured nails for wall cladding, gyprock sheeting etc. Use gyprock screws, nail screws and screw pins. Centres the nail automatically and ensures perpendicular screws.

Type coil nail (B)TC:
Gyprock nails, screw nails and screw pins
Length 26-40 - wire thickness 2,2-2,8 mm.

Plaster board and other construction sheeting for roof, wall and facade, manufacture of furniture.

Multifix TC300 Stutterer


Especially for anchor plates in the building. Because of the possibility of replacing the nail guide, the application area of this device is enlarged. Weighing only 2,3 kg, it is a light tool in this class. Compact, therefore it can also reach in difficult accessible places. Because of the multiple stroke principle, without any increased air supply, also called the stutterer. If the nail is attached, the device automatically switches off.

Type Anchor nails TC:
Length 40-75 - wire thickness 4 mm.
Type round headed nails TC
Length 60-100 - wire thickness 2,8-3,8 mm.

Crates, finishing off, wood constructions and -connections.

Anchor nail Tacker BeA R60-943E

Anchor nail Tacker BeA R60-943E

Small and lightweight but powerful and accurately adjustable anchor nail tacker for anchor nails on plastic strips. Also nails in difficult to reach places, to close to the edge. Sustainable and reliable.

Type R20 Anchor nails:
Head width 4 - length 40-60 mm.

Wood connections with anchor plates; support beam, coil bases, nail plates and connectors, corner anchors, purlin welds, corner anchors etc. timbering, wood packaging.