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Heavy broad staples

Tacker BeA 42/38-159


This tacker is invaluable where thin and soft materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, foil, etc. must be bonded to wood. The broad staples model 42 are extremely suitable for this purpose.

Type broad staples 42:
Width 24,2 - length 14-38 û wire thickness 1,95x0,95 mm.

Packaging of all kinds, wood joins, nails of bituminous roofing and roof shingles, caravan and chalet construction.

Tacker BeA 145/32-178


The high impact resistant and solid and compact design. Suitable for roofing as well as the packaging industry. Foil and cardboard on wood. You can quickly load the cartridge to 165, 25 mm wide staples.
Also available with asphalt shingle fitting.

Type broad staple 140
Width 25 - 14-38 - wire thickness 1,45x1,3 mm.

Bonding of bituminous roofing, shingles, packaging on pallets, insulation material.

Tacker BeA 140/38-153


High impact resistance and a solid and compact design make this an invaluable tool, specifically for the packaging industry. The matching staples are especially suitable for attaching materials, such as foil and cardboard etc. to wood.

Type broad staple 140
Width 25 - length 14-38 û wire thickness 1,45x1,3 mm.

Packaging, frame joins, caravan and chalet construction.



For model broad staple 146 / 50 - 80 mm.

Ideal for insulation in the building sector.

33/13-177 EPAL

33/13-177 EPAL

For model broad staples 33 mm.

Staples only available through the EPAL organisation.



With contact fitting 50 - 110 mm

Equipment to 130 mm is possible upon request