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Combitacker BeA 806 14-155 T Large Model


High impact resistance, solid and compact design makes this tacker, also called the "Large Model" or "Model 806", an extremely versatile tool. Processes multiple types of heavy staples and nails without re-adjustment and makes this an invaluable tool for crafts and industry. A market concept!

Type of staple 14:
Width 10,5 - length 25-65 - wire thickness 1,45x1,3 mm.
Type of staple 16(155):
Width 10,8 - length 25-65 - wire thickness 1,58x1,44 mm.
Type T-nail:
Width 7,5 - length 25-38 รป wire diameter 2,2 mm.

Furniture, boxes, pallets, crates, frames, interior design.