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Case Sealers / Box Erectors

A case sealer closes both the top and the bottom of a box using self adhesive tape. Contimeta delivers case sealers to suit all your needs. Starting from manual dispensers to full-automatic case sealers with packing tape, printed or un-printed. The semi-automatic case sealers require an operator, who closes the top flaps and feeds the box into the sealer. Herein are also two possibilities, a manual adjustment of height and width using a rotary handle or an automatic adjustment of height and width using a pneumatic control.

For further information about case sealers, standard measurements of boxes, roller conveyers etc.. feel free to look further on our informative pages. Volume is a large deciding factor when choosing the correct box sealer. Feel free to contact us, we will gladly advise you further.

A case sealer from Contimeta closes your boxes!