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Case sealers automatic

Contitaper 3M SDC

Contitaper 3M SDC

Fully automatic box sealer that closes the box with tape at the bottom and at the top and which is transported by the machine via conveyor belts situated sideways. When the box enters, the upper flaps are automatically closed in and sealed.

This heavy execution of the 3M box sealer is the answer to the many demands made by modern industrial users for their box sealers. A step further towards your automation and ideaal for placement after a box folding machine with a filling station.

The user can set the width and height of the box on the machine.

Box sizes:
min.: 120 x 120 (wxh)
max.: 510 x 510 (wxh)

3 x 380V
Rolls of tape of max. 1000 meter in length can be used.