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Contitaper 3M BTDA

Contitaper 3M BTDA

Automatic box sealer that closes the box with tape at the bottom and at the top and which is transported by the machine via conveyor belts situated below and above. This model is equipped with a pneumatic system in which the machine adjusts the conveyor belts and the tape head automatically based on the dimensions of the incoming box.

Ideal for companies who constantly need to send different box sizes through the box sealer and where the boxes are relatively unstable, e.g. small base but high box.

Extra heavy design and completely equipped for all the heavy work. Almost no options necessary. "Random" box sealer.

The machine senses the width and the height of the box and automatically sets the correct parameters.

Box Sizes:
min.: 150 x 120 (wxh)
max.: 550 x 625 (wxh)

3 x 380V
Rolls of tape of max. 1000 meter in length can be used.