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Conti Pallet binder

Conti Pallet binder

Using this machine, pallets can be bound automatically using cord. During the pallet transport the loaded pallet is driven through the horizontally tightened cord. The pallet stops in a fixed position where after an arm brings the cord around the back of the pallet towards the binder unit. The binder unit binds and cuts the cord, after which the arm swings back while at the same time pulling the cord for the next pallet load over the conveyor belt.

The final cycle time of the machine is app. 8 sec/strapping The capacity of the Conti Pallet binder is very high. For light products (empties, empty crates, barrels, cans, bottles or light pallet loads) the binder is fitted with a pressure plate to keep the product stable during the binding process. One can choose between 1, 2 or even 4 bonds around 1 pallet. All bonds are made at the same time. The number has no influence on the capacity.

The Conti pallet binder also has a rugged construction and simple operation. One can opt for an automatic height adjustment. The height of the binding cord can be adjusted using a hydraulic hand pump (standard). The Conti Pallet binder can simply be placed over your existing transport system.