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Film wrappers fully automatic

The full automatic horizontal wrapper can be prepared in line where the machine can wrap the products without operator intervention. Both in front and behind the machine are power driven roller conveyors. The pressure rollers keep the package aligned and positioned in place. The horizontal film wrappers are used for a wide variety of products and therefore are available in numerous embodiments. For example, with certain machines the position of the ring can adapt itself to the dimensions of the package. The machines can also be provided with a "curtain" at the entrance and exit in order to wrap the product ends. For safety reasons the machines are completely enclosed.

Foil Wrapping Machine horizontal Spiror

Foil Wrapping Machine horizontal Spiror

Fully automatic horizontal packaging machine suitable to wrap products with long shapes such as doors, windows, isolation panels and polystyrene products in the wood sector, profiles, tubes, etc. using cling wrap.


  • 300 HP
  • 400 HP
  • 620 HP
  • 960 HP


  • Splicing unit: this part ensures that foil is available both above and below before starting to pack using cling wrap. This operation can be carried out using poly ethylene film.
  • Roller conveyor: Component used to move the products and to keep them positioned.
  • Printer unit: pneumatic controlled component with limit test that can be variably adjusted to guarantee the correct positioning of the product during packaging.

Foil wrapping machine Spiror horizontal large

Foil wrapping machine Spiror horizontal large

The Spiror machinery is also supplied for larger products such as furniture, garden pavilions, stacks of wooden panels, isolation panels, gyprock sheeting, etc.
Since this no longer concerns normal dimensions, we will design a "tailor-made" solution for you, where we will be able to make use of the entire series of large Spiror machinery type Spiror 1200FW, 1500FW, 2200FW, 2500FW and 3000FW.

Depending on the necessary supply and discharge systems, we can offer numerous solutions where the entirety will work completely automatically, in line with the existing production line. We would like to help you in your search to find the ideal solution for wrapping your large products.

Foil wrapping machine horizontal Contispiral senior

Foil wrapping machine horizontal Contispiral senior Foil wrapping machine horizontal Contispiral senior Foil wrapping machine horizontal Contispiral senior

The Contispiral senior is a fully automatic horizontal, high-quality wrapping machine. This machine is extremely suitable for wrapping up large packages. In the example on the photo, tubes in wooden frames are packed. The package first goes through a foil curtain and thereafter it is wrapped horizontally. This provides a smooth packaging, an enormous time saving compared to the previous manual packing and a lot less strain on the employees. The turn-around time per packaging of 15 meters, is only 1ยข minute. Previously, one had to spend as much as 20 minutes per package.

Package dimensions:
Width: 800 - 1200 mm
Height: 400 - 1200 mm
Length: 3000 - 15000 mm
Package weight: 3000 kg max.