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Film wrappers horizontal automatic

With the automatic film wrapper there is a short, power controlled, roller conveyer located both in front and behind the machine. The operator can start the winding process with either a foot pedal or a push button. The power driven rollers feed the package through the winding ring, which is provided with a press roll located both in front and behind . The roller press provides continues pressure on the package during the winding operation so that it stays in place at all times. After the package is fed through the machine stops automatically.

Foil wrapping machine horizontal Compacta 400A / 620A / 960A

Foil wrapping machine horizontal Compacta 400A / 620A / 960A

  • automatic horizontal wrapping and bundling machine
  • ring inner diameter 400 mm (at 620A, 620 mm.)
  • suitable for cling wrap to 50 - 125 mm wide
  • wrapping speed up to 160 t/min (620A, 120 t/min.)
  • including actuated feeding and outlet conveyor belts with adjustable side guidance
  • conveyor belt speed adjustable from 8 - 17 m/min (620A, 6 - 13 m/min.)
  • pneumatic pressure rollers
  • operation automatic or per product using a foot pedal
  • ideal for bundling or wrapping of laths, profiles, tubes, boxes, books, wallpaper, bags and products on small or medium sized transport carriers
  • can be supplied with an optional touch panel operating panel