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Packaging tools



A good solution for the shredding of steel or plastic strapping. The strapping strip can be fed into this shredder manually. The strapping strip is then automatically shredded to a length of maximum 18 cm. You thus realise a considerable reduction in volume of your packaging waste material to app. 90%.

400 V / 3 phases / 0,75 kW
Max. strap thickness 1,5 mm Max.
Strap width 40 mm
Shredder length 180 mm

Wire driller

Wire driller Wire driller

An iron wire with an eyelet on each side. A Wire Driller is everything you need to simply and inexpensively bundle, bind, strap, secure bags, weave concrete, etc.
A small investment to do a lot of work much faster and more convenient.

Available in copper and plasticized wires with bent on eyelets. The standard colour of the plasticized wire is yellow. Other colours and types of wire are available upon request.

The wire driller has a black handle that moves over the galvanized spindle, enabling handy and rapid bundling.

Strap guide

Strap guide

Handy aid to guide strapping underneath the pallet.