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Shrinking gun

Shrinking gun Shrinking gun

For shrinking a limited number of pallets per day, the shrinking gun is an excellent aid to shrink a pallet load. The customised cover is pulled over the pallet load manually, to achieve an approximately 4 cm overlap on all sides.
The cover is then heated using the shrinking gun. The shrinking gun is constructed in such a way that the mixing of gas and air takes place in the gun itself. Combustion only takes place thereafter. Thus the gun itself does not get hot and can even be touched with the hand during use.

Due to the effective combustion, a normal pallet cover can be shrunken in a very short time. The gun must be held far enough from the cover to prevent holes from forming due to too much heat being generated .

The shrinking gun is made of aluminium, so it can take a bit of a beating.