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Conti cover stretch

Conti cover stretch Conti cover stretch

The application process is substantially different from that of shrink covers. Where in the application of shrink covers, the cover is placed loose around the pallet load, to then be shrunk, with a stretch cover the cover is prepared to be stretched over, to then be pulled around the pallet load under tension. The stretch cover returns to its original form and seals perfectly around the load.

Once the machine is given all necessary parameters (this can often be determined by sensors) the machine determines the height of the stretch tube and this is rolled off. The machine makes a seam in the top and cuts off the material. The stretch tube is unwound using 4 drawing arms. The neat unrolling of the foil also provides a neat final result. After stretching, the foil is pulled over the load. The wrap returns to its original size and shapes itself like a smooth skin around the load (see photo collection).