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Pallet Wrappers

Film Wrapping can take place in different ways with different types of film. Manual wrapping film, which can be applied from the roll to a pallet load, to a ring pallet wrapper, that can take care of waterproof wrapping 180 pallets per hour using a top field dispenser at approximately 80 revolutions per minute.

Revolving tables and revolving arm pallet wrappers in many designs that, depending on the application, can also be an excellent choice.
Foils are available in "Blown" and "Cast", if necessary pre-stretched on the roll. Foil could consist of multiple layers. Each layer has its specific properties. These layers could for instance be "sticky", smooth, strong or extremely elastic.
We strive to provide the most suitable foil and machine, whereby the packaging costs per pallet relative to the required pallet stability is the most important factor.

Our extensive range of foils and wrapping machines and our many years of experience in the area of pallet stabilisation ensures that you will get the correct packaging advice.