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Arm film wrappers semiautomatic

Many companies underestimate the trouble it takes to pack pallets manually. Personnel often find this task annoying and a hassle when different pallets must be packed per day using manual cling wrap rolls. A semi automatic pallet wrapper can do wonders here! For a minimal investment, one soon sees an enormous increase in working pleasure and packaging quality. Ask for a free quotation or a test machine and find out for yourself just how much profit you can make by investing in a cling foil wrapper.

Pallet wrapper Cobra 3

Pallet wrapper Cobra 3 Pallet wrapper Cobra 3 Pallet wrapper Cobra 3 Pallet wrapper Cobra 3 Pallet wrapper Cobra 3

Semi automatic pallet wrapper or film wrapper with freely rotating winding arm.

In 1985 Contimeta introduces a unique pallet wrapping method in the European market, the Cobra 3, a freely rotating winding arm pallet wrapper of film wrapper.

Unique due to the winding principle whereby the load is stationary and the film is wrapped via the freely rotating arm around the load. This concept is highly successful due to it’s space saving attribute and the pallet does not need to be placed on a turn table or a roller conveyer. There are approximately 1800 of these types of machines in use in The Benelux and this number is still growing daily.

Since its introduction the Cobra 3 has developed even further. The goal is to use a minimum amount of film whilst creating a very stable pallet load. At the same time the machine is able to pack light loads without the use of a pressure plate or other tools.

Not only the machine but the film too plays an important role in this concept. The films tension on the load must be minimal upon application in combination with the greatest possible pre-stretch. Due to its restorative properties the films tension allows it to wrap itself tightly around the pallet load.

Properties of the Cobra 3

  • Saves cost and is environmentally friendly.
  • Automatic height detection of the load.
  • Takes up very little space.
  • Can wrap starting from above.
  • Mountable on the wall, column or post.
  • Can wrap a load in various manners (roping, airflow wrap)
  • Suitable for instalation in damp or moist spaces.
  • Various upright versions available
  • Placement of roller conveyers or scales possible.
  • No maximum pallet weight.
  • In combination with Cobrax film suitable for loads with sharp edges.

Wrapping loads with sharp edges?

For wrapping loads with sharp edges Cobrax film can be used. This is a very strong film with a high level of resilience and a high resistance to "push through" forces.

The All-in-one lease concept

It is possible to lease the Contimeta Cobra 3 in combination with an all-in-one lease concept.
Based upon the "operational lease" the Cobra 3 is placed and maintained by Contimeta. The costs of the lease is based on the previously agreed upon pallets to be wrapped. This way you always know what the packaging costs per pallet will be for the agreed period. Please ask for the conditions.

Duo-set up Cobra 3

With a duo-set up the Cobra 3 is pivotally suspended. With one machine it is then possible to wrap at two locations. Therefore the capacity increases from 30 to 45 pallets per hour.

Foil wrapping machine Rotowrap 307-507 LP-AS

Foil wrapping machine Rotowrap 307-507 LP-AS Foil wrapping machine Rotowrap 307-507 LP-AS

Freely revolving wrapper arm machine for automatic wrapping. The machine is equipped with an automatic cutting and splice unit. This model is available with an electric operated foil brake or an actuated 250% pre-stretch module. This model is fitted with remote control. The biggest benefit of the Rotowrap LP-AS wrapper is that the driver does not have to get off his forklift to start the wrapper. At the end of the wrapping cycle, the end of the foil is melted onto the lower layer of foil. At the same time, the foil is cut, and the machine is ready for wrapping the next pallet. Everything fully automatic!


  • soft start
  • photo cell for automatic height sensing
  • wrap Ï 2047mm (suitable for pallets to max. 1200x1200mm (lxh)
  • adjustable revolving speed wrapper arm
  • mast for processing pallets to 2000 mm
  • independently adjustable upper and lower wrapping
  • max. product weight is infinite, depending on your max. floor load
  • 4 different programs, simply adjustable
  • electric operated brake system for the foil (307 LP-AS)
  • machine suitable for the processing of standard cling wrap foil and oriented foil (507 LP-AS)
  • actuated pre-stretch system, fully electronically controlled and regulated
  • machine suitable for the processing of Power cling wrap foil