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Film wrapper self propelled Robot S5

Film wrapper self propelled Robot S5

Robopac was the first in the world to come up with this ingenious idea. The unique combination of a fully equipped film wrapper whilst mobile is the solution to many wrapping problems. The advantages are significant; available for use anywhere, no power supply needed, no start up boards, large and even extra large dimensions can be wrapped. The weight of the load is not a factor either. In the PFS configuration the film is pre-stretched up to 250% and wrapped carefully around the product making even the most unstable loads secure for transport. The specific program function required for long products is a standard feature with the PFS model.


  • Load height detection using photo cell
    Integrated battery charger.
  • Standard mast height up to 2200 mm (optional up to 2800 mm).
  • Adjustable speed.
  • Independently adjustable upper and lower wrap and adjustable film overlap.
  • No maximum product weight.
    4 easy to set up programs.
  • Deliverable with mechanical stretch (FR), pre-stretch (FS) and driven pre-stretch (PFS)
  • Driven pre-stretch is completely electronically regulated on the PFS model.
  • Digital display of battery charge.
  • Visual error display on control panel.
  • Easy to use and ergonomically placed control panel. Includes safety bumper, flash light and acoustic signal.
  • Many options available: automatic film cut, remote control, etc.
  • Machine is movable on its own or can easily be picked up and moved using a forklift.