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Film wrapper self propelled Robot S6

Film wrapper self propelled Robot S6 Film wrapper self propelled Robot S6 Film wrapper self propelled Robot S6

The Robot S6 film wrapper packaging machine allows Contimeta to be a perfect partner for anyone who is looking for maximum flexibility in logistics and warehouse management.
The Robot S6 is the current leader due to its innovative technology and is designed and manufactured according to Robopac policy that which distinguishes them in terms of reliability and durability. Each detail is designed with the best possible materials available in the current market. No detail is to small and the high tech solutions are visible throughout.

The most notable features:

  • New design.
  • Winding chassis drop security; the spool cannot fall down.
  • Active brake protection in the bumper.
  • QLS system (quick load system) for fast and easy film exchange.
  • The scanning wheel is easily adjustable without the use of tools.
  • The Robot can move without electricity.
  • Manual control of the Robot with the use of ergonomic controls in the handle.
  • New high frequency battery charger for more capacity (110V tot 240V)
  • Optional: use of other spools, dependent on the quality of film, up until and including a two engined spool, stretch ratio available from 0 to 300%.
  • Optional: Film cut mechanism to make the job of the operator even easier.
  • 7 inch color touch screen control panel, where all the functions of the Robot S6 are easily controllable.

The all new touch screen control panel allows you to choose from 8 different programs.

Parameters that are displayed on the touch screen:

  • Feeding speed
  • Film pre-stretch (PDS, FS, PVS spool)
  • Bottom wrap
  • Top wrap
  • Speed upward movement
  • Speed downward movement
  • Output data
  • Film tension

There are many possible settings on the control panel to optimally wrap your products. Make an appointment today with one of our specialists at Contimeta, they will gladly discuss your options available with the Robot S6 from Robopac

Technical details:

Battery: N 2 12V, 110Ah (C5) Pb/Acido
Rotational speed: 38 - 80 meter/min
Speed chassis (up/down): 1,6 - 6 meter/min. (with full coil)
Number of pallets per full battery charge: 250
Supply: 110 - 240 V
Power: 320 W
Lift capability with forklift: back and sides

Wrap capabilities:
Minimum dimensions: 600 x 600
Maximum height : 2200 mm
Minimum load weight: 250 kg

Maximum external diameter: 300 mm
Film spool height: 500 mm
Film thickness: 17- 35 mµ.
Internal diameter: 76 mm.
Maximum weight: 20 kg

Control panel:
Cycles programmable from the control panel.
Load height detection with the use of infrared photocel.