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Film wrapper Rotoplat 407

Film wrapper Rotoplat 407

The first pre-stretch machine in the range. An attractive purchase price and additional possibility to save foil, makes the 407 an excellent option. A mechanical pre-stretch system, where the foil is pre-stretched by two non-actuated rollers, ensures a more efficient method of foil wrapping with a lower foil consumption than the above mentioned 107 and 307. Can also be customized according to requirements.

soft start
photo cell for automatic height sensing
revolving table 1650 mm (optional to 2200 mm)
adjustable revolving speed of the revolving table
mast for processing pallets to 2200 mm (optional to 2800 mm)
independently adjustable upper and lower wrapping

  • max. product weight 2000 kg
  • 4 different programs, simple to adjust
  • foil saving mechanical pre-stretch system
  • machine suitable for processing POWER cling wrap foil
  • knob to apply reinforcing wraps during the cycle
  • many options possible, incl. pressure plate, remote control, bubble foil holder, scale
  • machine can simply be picked up both in front and at the back and moved with a forklift