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Shrink wrapper Athena CS

Shrink wrapper Athena CS

Fully automatic shrink wrapping machine with a continuous sealing system. Very compact and easily movable. The term "CS" represents "Continuous Sealing". The technology consists of a frontally situated diagonal sealing bar for sealing and cutting of the head and tail pieces where a "sealing wheel" fitted sideways takes care of the sideways sealing and cutting. Thanks to this technology you are no longer limited by the product length you want to pack. Works perfectly with double folded polyolefin or PVC-foil. Also for PE-foil.
2 different sizes: 450 and 550 (the 2 numbers refer to the width of the front diagonal sealing bar).

Completely PLC controlled.
Very user friendly thanks to a touch screen.

Capacity: 50 to 65 packs/min.

Tunnel must be purchased optionally and is separate from the CS.