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Case sealer

A case sealer with adhesive tape (printed or unprinted) closes both the bottom and the top of the box. Contimeta has a box sealer to suit all your needs. Starting with handheld dispensers up to full automatic case sealers with packing tape, printed or unprinted. A semi automatic case sealer requires the operator, after filling the box, to close the cardboard en feed the box into the case sealer. Here too are two possibilities: a manual adjustment of height and width using a crank or an automatic adjustment by means of a pneumatic control..


A Contimeta closes all your boxes!


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For further detailed information about case sealers, standard box measurements, conveyors, labeling machines etc. please visit the following informative page. Your final choice will depend on the volume you require. Please fell free to contact us, we gladly advise you further. (see also: packing tape and printed tape)

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More information about a sace sealer or about packaging tape?

For further answers about box sealers please contact us or use the information request form.

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