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Film wrapper for your packing needs

Contimeta offers various possibilities for film wrappers, that you can find here on our website. Manual packing and wrapping of pallets is inconvenient and time consuming. A semi-automatic or full-automatic film wrapper is therefore an excellent solution. A film wrapper not only saves time, but better protects all your products.

Why a Contimeta film wrapper?

  • Pallets wrapped with a film wrapper look consistent and professional.
  • Your employees? Stooping with a rol of film on a hand wrapper is not convenient especially as the number of pallets to be wrapped increases.
  • A film wrapper is cost suffiecient in comparison to manual wrapping.
  • Pallet stabilization is better reached with a film wrapper in combination with the right pre-stretched film


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Are you looking for the right film wrapper to meet your needs? Contimeta gladly advises you further!

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More information or purchasing a film wrapper?

Which specific film wrapper or pallet wrapper suits your needs can be decided together. For a quick answer to your questions please feel free to contact us or use the information request form.



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