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Tacking Equipment and tacking materials

Contimeta specializes in tacking methods and has a tacker or some other solution for almost any tacking job. The many kinds of fastening equipment; Gas tackers, Tacking nails, Staplers Tackers, Nailing tackers, Screwing machines, Hotmelt equipment, Ring binder equipment, Box sealers in combination with an endless selection of fastening materials can close everything.

We have a lot of experience in fastening: In Construction, e.g. for carpenters, contractors or roofing contractors. In the Furniture trade, for furniture manufacturers and upholsterers. In the manufacturing industry for prefabricated construction elements, pallets, crates and other wooden constructions. So it is quite handy and sensible to make use of our experience. Discuss it with us when you think about buying some equipment.

We also have Special tacking equipment, including Ring binder equipment for the manufacturing of retainer baskets, stone baskets or gabions, fastening devices for Wave clips, V-clips, Ornamental nails (for tents; awnings), Plank supports, screw containers, T-nuts and to attach dowels with the dowel hammer.

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Contimeta is the exclusive distributor of BeA, Kihlberg and Meiho in the Netherlands.