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Packaging machines 

Contimeta delivers a wide variety of packaging machines. The main line focuses on machinery for transport packaging. However many related products are part of the range. This could include flowpack packaging systems and roller conveyers. We also have a wide variety of packaging accessories, dispensers, protective materials, seals and clamps, strapping cutters and dispensers for packaging tape.

Contimeta is a system supplier. This means that we advise you accordingly, starting with the purchase of the packaging machines. We then continue to support you throughout the entire period of use. We deliver and install the machine in good working order and offer regular maintenance. Of course we also supply the appropriate packaging materials to fit each packaging machine.

Besides purchasing exists by Contimeta the opportunity for leasing or rental of packaging machines. This does not require the machine to be included in the balance sheets, therefore the investment remains low.

Our specialists are pleased to advise you further about the wide variety within the packaging systems. If you would like further information please feel free to contact us via mail, telephone or you can fill in the information request form.


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