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Packaging materials and packaging materials for transport packaging

The packaging department of Contimeta focuses largely on transport packaging. The packaging materials serve as a stabilizer for transport, while also protecting your products. It is very important that the packaging materials are fitted and used properly. Therefore, the type of packaging material determines the choice of packaging machine you may require. Contimeta can help you decide which packaging material and packaging machine best suits your needs. In terms of both packaging material and packaging machines, Contimeta has a wide variety of products.


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Packaging is a very broad concept. Within certain areas, Contimeta has trained specialists that can advise you accordingly and help you with determining your packaging needs. We hope that our website gives you enough insight into the wide variety of packaging materials we have available for you.


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If you would like further information about all our possibilities please feel free to contact us via mail, telephone or you can fill in the attached information request form.


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