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Packing tape

Tape or packing tape is commonly used to close cardboard boxes. Tape can be applied manually with a tape dispenser or mechanically with a box sealer. The box is sealed off dust free at the closing seam, allowing even distribution of tension. There are many types of packing tape. The properties are mainly determined by carrier and adhesive layer and then specifically about their composition.


Contimeta delivers packing tape as shown below, click for further details and price information.

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Contimeta has as carrier 4 types available: Polyester (PET), Polypropylene (PP), Polyvinylchloride (PVC) and paper.

Both the carrier and the adhesive layer have their own individual characteristics again, where, depending on the application, a correct selection must be made.

For the adhesive layers we see, hotmelt, an adhesive layer of synthetic rubber, acrylic, a synthetic water-based layer and a rubber solvent, an adhesive layer of natural rubber.

Contimeta gladly advise you by determining the right choice of packing tape. This choice is dependent on the amount of usage, how you would like to package your goods and what you are packing. Other important aspects are tensile strength, abrasion resistance, resistance from substances from outside, noise level while taping and none the least, the price.

If you are looking for simple, cost efficient packing tape, we will ofcourse advise you accordingly. Depending on your usage of packing tape the right choice will need to be made. Contimeta gladly advises you further!


Packing tape, printed or non-printed, required for closing boxes? Contimeta!

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