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Pallet wrapper

Pallet wrapper, as the word already implies, is used to get the pallets ready for transportation. Contimeta has a large variety of pallet wrappers. What type of pallet wrapper is best suitable for you? Contimeta offers various possibilities for wrapping pallets. For further information please continue to search our website.

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Searching for the right pallet wrapper to suit your needs? Contimeta gladly advises you further!

Contimeta is specialized in pallet wrappers and corresponding wrapping film or stretch film. Your choice is dependant on the quantity of winding units, and if these units are approximately all the same size or varying in sizes. We always have a pallet wrapper to suit your needs. There is even a semi- automatic robot pallet wrapper that independently wraps the pallet. For us, the challenge, to find the perfect pallet wrapper and corresponding foil and for you a profitable, trouble free solution, so that you can keep working on your core business.


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More information about pallet wrappers?

Together we can determine the most suitable pallet wrapper to suit your needs. For a quick reply to your questions please feel free to contact us or fill in the information request form.


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