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Plastic Strap for bundling

Plastic strap is a widely used packaging material. Contimeta has an extensive range of strapping and bundling materials in our assortment: Strap PP, Strap PET, textile strap and composite strap. Polypropylene strap and polyester strap are also amongst many of the choices available to you. The choice of correct strapping strongly depends on the implementation and equipment being used, Contimeta will gladly give you specific advise about plastic strap! (About plastic strap)


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There is a distinct difference between strapping for manual use and for usage in machines. We have, for example, Manustrap PP, this polylpropylene strap is specifically developed for manual use. Other examples in our assortment are PP machine strap with a low stretch specifically for goods where it is important that the plastic strap remains around the package tightly. LC strap (low creep) has a high breaking strength and a long stretch up to 12%. Hylastic or Hyperlastic strap has an extremely high stretch (30 - 35%) and is used when strapping very small products or packages or when the package losses significant volume with the strapping, such as foam rubber products.

Then we also have PET (polyester) strap, this high-quality strap is characterized by its high breaking strength in combination with a good recovery capacity and a high resistance against an impact load. Especially with heavy duty applications and long-term storage and/or transport this plastic strap guarantees the highest possible stability of the load. 

For further information about our products, we refer you to the background information about plastic strapping. Our specialists would be pleased to advise you further in your choice of plastic strapping and associated machinery.


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More information about plastic strap:

Contimeta has a wide range of plastic strapping. For further information please feel free to contact us or fill in the attached information request form.


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