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Printed tape


                  Temporary introduction sale!

Printed Tape (ACTION-CODE: BT2013)


FREE plate costs (worth 75,00)
FEEE shipping (worth 15,00)
  FREE tape dispenser (worth 7,50) (ask for the condtions)
Action Printed tape | Contimeta


In 4 easy steps your printed tape at home:

  1. Mail or call us with your questions (quantity, size, base colour, print colour(s), required material, preferably with a digital sample of the desired printing
  2. You will receive a quote within 1 working day.
  3. After confirmation you will receive a digital proof of the plate for approval.
  4. After approving the plate you will receive your printed tape as soon as possible at home.


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Why printed tape from Contimeta?

  • Powerfull communication tool, printing of QR-code possible.
  • Professional appearance, from 1 colour to full colour, representative value.
  • Increase company awareness through repeat effect.
  • Theft protection: open boxes are immediately visible.
  • Available starting at 36 rolls; suitable for temporary actions.

Contimeta gladly advises you further!

Tape with company name and/or logo is one of the most common used materials to seal boxes. Printed packing tape can be applied using a tape dispenser or mechanically with a sealer. There are many varieties of tape whose properties are mainly determined by the composition of the carrier and the adhesive layer.

Depending on the use the proper choice of (printed) tape is necessary. Contimeta gladly advises you further!

Tape can be printed in 2 different manners:

Under surface printing: print between the adhesive and film layer, on the underside of the film.

The carrier (PP) is printed as mother roll. Then follows the adhesion of the mother roll. Lastly the printed and glued roll is slit to the desired width and length. A modern and fast process that happens almost automatically.

On surface printing: printing on the tape.

After production the tape rolls are unwound, printed and rewound. This old fashioned manner is time consuming and happens offline. It is less accurate and sensitive to interference. The print is on the surface of the tape therefore can damage quickly.

Recognition and properties of (printed) tape:

PP Tape: tears or snaps easily when pulled tightly or punctured. PVC creates only a hole.

PP Acrylic: age, cold and UV resistant. Easily unrollable. Water based adhesive.
PP Hotmelt: Strong initial adhesion, easily unrollable, food friendly.
PP Solvent: Strong adhesion in low temperatures, long shelf life, more stretch than PVC.
PVC Solvent: Hand tearable, moisture resistant, low noise, prints easily, long shelf life.

More information about our Printed tapes?


Feel free to contact us or use the information request form.



Action Printed tape | Contimeta