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Robopac top quality film wrappers

Wrapping a pallet correctly is an important part of the packaging process. The lowest possible price per pallet? Yes, but not at all costs. Cheaper is not necessarily better, think of possible malfunction. Furthermore it is of the utmost importance that the tension of the foil is tight and even at all times so as to not damage the goods on the pallet.

A Robopac packing machine is an excellent solution. Robopac packing machines are capable of wrapping much more than pallets. The possibilities are endless. Please see below for further details.


Robopac foliewikkelaars

Robopac (pallet) wrappers available at Contimeta! Feel free to ask for a test set-up

Robopac film wrappers
Robot pallet wrappers
Semi-automatic arm pallat wrappers

 Pallet wrapper Rotowrap 307 / 507 LP-AS
Full automatic pallet wrappers
Turn table pallet wrappers
   Pallet wrapper Rotoplat 3000
 Film wrapper Ecoplat Base    Rotoplat 3000 HD
 Ecoplat FRD    Arm Helix 30
 Ecoplat FRD-TP    Arm Helix 40
 Ecoplat PPS    Arm Helix 40/2
 Film wrapper Rotoplat 107    Ring pallet wrapper Genesis HS 50
 Rotoplat 307    Genesis HS 50/2
 Rotoplat 407    Genesis Futura 40
 Rotoplat 507    Genesis Futura 80
 Rotoplat 707    
 Rotoplat TP serie  
Semi-automatic bundle film wrappers
 Rotoplat XL    Horizontal wrapper Compacta
 Rotoplat DW    
 Rotoplat LP-AS  
Automatic bundle film wrappers
 Rotoplat Freezer -30°C    Horizontal film wrapper Compacta S
 Rotoplat INOX    
 Rotoplat Conveyor  
Full-automatic horizontal wrappers
 Rotoplat WT     Horizontale film wrapper Spiror
Shrink film wrappers
 Shrink packager micra     Athena CS
 Shrink tunnel     Easy
 Shrink packager Ariane M     Dimac Star
 Shrink packager Ariane A    
 Shrink packager Athena Combi    

Many pallet wrappers are fixed units, but Robopac has a mobile unit. The Robopac mobile unit is easy to use for packing pallets at any location. (see Robopac mobile pallet wrapper S5 or Worker)

Are you convinced of the conveniences that a Robopac pallet wrapper can offer you? For futher price information or any other questions please feel free to contact Contimeta or use the information request form.

As a supplier of Robopac we cannot only supply you with the machine, but can also help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Contimeta supplies a complete solution.


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