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Seal machine

Contimeta delivers a sealing machine, to meet all your needs, for the perfect product packaging. A seal machine, otherwise known as a shrink packing machine, is used for bundling and/or the protection of products. Contimeta has a wide variety available to suit all your needs. The nature of the to be packaged product and the measurements can vary largely. Therefore it is very important that the foil and the seal machine are closely aligned.


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The sealing process occurs in two parts: the film is laid around the product and then through a heating process shrunk around the product. For the application of the film, several options are available. Deciding factors can be, product properties, capacity and film type. This too counts for the shrink process itself. These two steps are sometimes combined in one seal machine. This makes the range of seal machines available, very large. A small sample of available products is shown on our website. For further information please contact us.

For packaging three types of foil are mainly used: Polyethylene (PE), Polyvinylchloride (PVC) or Polyolefin (PO). For bundling a thicker (PE) foil (25-150 ┬Ám) is used.

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More information about a seal machine or shrink film?

If the above information matches your requirements for a seal machine, please feel free to contact us or use the information request form.



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