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Shrink film

Shrink film is applicable to products to either bundle or protect. It can also be used to wrap pallets. Contimeta has a wide variety available. With shrink film it is important that it is sealable and can be machine processed. For packaging there are three types used: Polyethylene (PE) shrink film, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) shrink film or Polyolefine (PO) shrink film. As a rule, a thicker (25-150 m), shrink film is used for bundling. This is usually a Polyethylene film which is easy to process.

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The shrink film of Contimeta is aimed at minimizing usage.

The savings are not only noticeable for you as consumer it is also beneficial to the environment.

The process is such that despite the lower thickness of the shrink film, a higher strength is reached. The high tensile force in combination with a high stiffness makes a weight savings of 30-40% possible. A good puncture resistance is also taken into account.

The assortment includes mono as well as biaxial shrink film. This term refers to the direction that the film deforms. Sometimes it is desirable for the film to stretch in one direction (mono). For example, when packing a long object (laminate flooring), or when bundling where the product remains open on two sides ( a tray of cans). When a product must be entirely enclosed a shrink film that stretches in two directions (biaxial) is required.

The choice of shrink film determines the appearance of the product. Clarity and luster of the shrink film is of importance. Contimeta pays extra attention to these aspects in our selection process. As required Contimeta can also deliver both colored and printed film.


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More information about shrink film?

Would you like further information about the possibilities of shrink film, please feel free to continue searching our website. For pricing information please contact one of our specialists. We look forward to helping you! Toy can also use the information request form.


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