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Strapping machine

A strapping machine is used to strap and/or bundle products. There are many possibilities varying from manual strapping machines to full-automatic strapping machines.

In other words are you looking for a strapping machine that is used occasionally or continuously.
Are you looking for a semi-automatic, automatic or full-automatic strapping machine or maybe a strapping tool? Contimeta gladly advises you further with this wide variety of machines.

Contimeta pays great attention to safety and ease of operation of the strapping machine.
PP strap and PET strap is used regularly.

Looking for a strapping machine to fit your needs?

Contimeta gladly advises you!


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More information about strapping machines or interested in a quote?

Together we can decide which strapping machine best suits your needs. For a quick reply to all your questions please contact the packaging department or use the information request form.


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