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Strapping tool

A manual strapping machine is very suitable for strapping larger packages or for strapping on location. Moreover it is possible to strap both horizontally and vertically.

Depending on the power source we distinguish between a manual strapping tool, a battery charged strapping tool and a pneumatic strapping tool. The manual and the battery charged strapping machines can be used without an external power source.

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With the manual strapping machine a seal is necessary to connect the strapping. The battery and pneumatic strapping machines connect the strap by means of a vibro-weld. This means that the strap is rubbed against one another. The heat created during this process allows it to melt together. Depending on the quality of the strap the breaking strength of the weld is approximately 70 - 80% of the original breaking strength of the strap.

For all your strapping needs Contimeta has a suitable strapping tool. The tension of the strapping machines varies from 0 to 4000 newton.


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