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Contimeta Testing Center

Here tests are being conducted to improve the packaging quality, fastening technique and compressor. A wide range of machinery is available here to try out. The best packaging method for the client is established here in cooperation with the client. The sane fore the orther business units.


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Take a look at our test centre

We have established a test centre for all our future and existing clients. In this test area you can test the machine you have in mind, using your own products. You like to see what you buy! All possible machinery in our range are set up and working. We would like to invite you to come and have a look in our test centre.


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Look, test and compare

You, as a (prospective) client can obtain a general overview of all possible solutions for your packaging problems or packaging issues, at your leisure, while enjoying a cup of coffee. You can try things out using your own product in all neutrality and objectivity. Look, test and compare!




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Foil testing

Depending on your application, the correct foil is selected. All kinds of foils are tested on quality in our test centre.



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We leave nothing to chance

More and more companies, small companies in particular, are looking for a budget friendly solution for their packaging issues. Sometimes, the budget is not yet established or future perspectives are not yet clear. Sometimes the numbers are too low or you as client just do not want to invest in new machinery and you prefer second hand equipment. We have this also available for you.




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Testing packing machines for every application

For example strapping machines in all shapes and sizes. Test the machinery with us and experience which machine suits your application best. Make an appointment, you are more than welcome. 



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The corner pressure meter

With this apparatus you can establish the force exerted on the corners of a pallet by the foil. Using this, we measure the corner pressure or angular tension, also called "force on load". Do you have light loads, which should not be wrapped under much tension? With this device, your machine can be adjusted to ensure that the load will not be compressed, moved or damaged with wrapping.



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